This Store Sells Kakanin, Pancit, And Sandwich Spreads To Help Displaced Workers

Here's a different kind of "feel good" food.

We all know that millions of Filipinos have already lost their jobs since the COVID-19 pandemic started. If you want to help displaced workers and the frontliners, you can do so by supporting Spread Happiness. This family-owned food business led by Ton Baldovino sells sandwich spreads, kakanin, and pancit to raise funds and provide food for the barangay volunteers and military personnel manning checkpoints and closed off roads.

At the same time, Spread Happiness gets to support small market vendors and displaced workers by offering them a stable source of income during these trying, uncertain times. They've tapped market vendors and an ex-BPO agent to source fresh produce and special ingredients, and they have also hired displaced messengers who lost their job after their respective companies closed down because of quarantine.


If you want to help Spread Happiness' advocacy, you can support them by purchasing their products. Here's what's on the menu:

  • Spreads:
  • Liver Paté - P180
  • Quezo Pimiento - P180
  • Tuna Especial - P150
  • Egg Classic - P120
  • Biko (pre-order):
  • Small or 1 kilogram - P350
  • Large or 2 kilograms - P600
  • Biko + Pancit - P600

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According to Baldovino, most of the food products sold by Spread Happiness uses recipes passed down by the elders in the family-the family-favorite Liver Paté which is from her lola, while the other spreads are spin-offs of her mom's, aunts' and uncles' recipes. "We can only use the best ingredients and no short-cuts or else, lagot kami sa kanila. We are heavy bread-eaters kasi, we might run out of soap, but we'll never run out of bread, " she adds.


Spread Happiness decided to add the classic biko, a recipe Ton's aunt makes on special occasions, after requests from their relatives and friends asked for it to be on the menu. The pancit was added on the menu because according to Ton, "that's the traditional pairing."

If you want to place an order, you can message Spread Happiness on Facebook or Instagram or send them a message on Viber using (0961) 036-5529.



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