Spreadable Beer, Black Hotdogs + More Food News

Beer-lovers will love this bottle, too.


Spreadable beer, anyone?

Just in time for Oktoberfest season! According to The Huffington Post, Birra Spalmabile "spreads just like ganache and tastes like a brew." A jar contains 40 percent beer and may be used with both sweet and savory food. Birra Spalmabile may be ordered via Firebox.

Would you eat black hotdogs?

Gross or interesting? Tokyo Disney Resort is serving black hotdogs as part of their Halloween special,
reports NYmag.com's Grubstreet. Topped with the usual ketchup and mustard, and hugged by a normal-looking hotdog bun, it doesn't look as ominous as it sounds. Or does it?

New Gyoza Flavors at Osaka Ohsho: Bacon & Cheese and Peanut Butter & Banana Dessert Gyoza

Just when you thought gyoza couldn't get any better, Osaka Ohsho launches two new gyoza flavors:
Bacon & Cheese Gyoza (P180 for 6 pieces and P380 for 12 pieces) and Peanut Butter & Banana Dessert Gyoza (P210).

Crunchy, honeycured bacon bits and gourmet cheeses are blended with lean ground pork meat, shredded cabbage, garlic, and ginger then steamed and pan-seared to perfection.


The dessert gyoza is an ode to mini-crepes, serve Japanese-style: caramelized bananas and peanut butter are thrown together to provide a sweet ending to your meal.



Photos from Firebox.com and courtesy of Osaka Ohso

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