Mark Your Calendars: Starbucks Is Coming Out With A New Chocolate Frappuccino

Three words, eight letters, say it, and it's yours!

Starbucks is making Hearts Days sweeter with their new Valentine-exclusive chocolate Frappuccino: meet the ILY (I Love You)

Photo by Starbucks Philippines

You can totally skip the box of chocolate and just go with Starbucks' chocolatey ILY (I Love You) Frappuccino (P180/Tall; P195/Grande; P219/Venti)! This Frappe is a blend of decadent dark chocolate, hazelnut syrup, and with a velvety coffee-flavored whipped cream in the middle. Plus, this chocolate drink is made more chocolatey with bits of dark chocolate on top and a drizzle of chocolate!

The ILY Frappuccino will be available in all stores for a limited time, starting February 14, 2019.


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Plus, green and black tea drinks!

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Better take notes for your next coffee run!

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