Starbucks Korea Plans To Get Rid Of Disposable Cups By 2025

Hopefully, we can have something similar in the Philippines, too!

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Starbucks is planning to put an end to the use of disposable cups in South Korea by 2025. This is the first big step in a major market by Starbucks as it aims to lessen waste, according to Bloomberg.

Starbucks Korea will be launching a "cup circularity" program in July 2021. Through this program, the customers will pay a deposit for reusable cups and can be refunded when the containers are returned and scanned at the Starbucks contactless kiosks. In a statement by Starbucks, the coffee chain will first launch this in select stores in Jeju this summer and will expand to other locations over the next four years.

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"Since announcing our global aspiration to become resource positive, we continue to explore new ways to reduce our environmental impact across the Asia Pacific region," said Sara Trilling, president, Starbucks Asia Pacific. "Starbucks Coffee Korea is a leader in sustainability for the company globally, and we are excited to leverage the learnings from this initiative to drive meaningful change in our stores and inform future innovation on a regional and global scale."


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