You Have To Put Starbucks Philippines' Limited-Edition Mugs On Your Wishlist!

We'll drink to being proudly Pinoy!

IMAGE Lazada/Starbucks Official Flagship Store

If there's one thing that we Pinoys know is that anything labeled as being Pinoy is always something to celebrate! If you're Proudly Pinoy, you'll enjoy having these gorgeous Starbucks Philippine-exclusive destination mugs in your hands every morning. 

These may look like your usual destination mugs but one thing we know about Starbucks and its merchandise is that each has got little touches that always make anything from their line a collectible. These Philippine-edition destination mugs of the Been There Series are no different!


Each of these mugs is glazed in a glossy varnish over the off-white mug and gold designs on it. Plus, the mugs are microwave safe, so you can easily reheat your brew should you fail to savor each sip when it was still hot. (Psst! It's also dishwasher safe, too, in case you invested in one of these handy kitchen appliances during the pandemic.) 

Are you excited to see what makes these mugs a coveted collectible? 

Check out the NEW additions to the Starbucks Philippine-exclusive destination mugs line and what makes these mugs extra special: 

1 Starbucks 14oz Mug Manila BeenThereGold (P795)

Starbucks Philippine exclusive destination mugs Manila mug
The inside of the Manila mug is coated in a lovely aqua color.
Photo by Lazada/Starbucks Official Flagship Store
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You can't deny that the gorgeous gold used to create the mural that spans the outside of the mug is simply gorgeous! The metallic color is subtle yet eye-catching against the eggshell white of the mug. What will really catch your eye is its color-changing properties that force the gold to turn black when a hot drink is poured in. Since these mugs can be used for both hot and cold beverages, you'll enjoy seeing the color changing happen before your eyes each time you fill it up. 

For the Manila mug, the gold is a lovely cool contrast to the aqua color lining the inside of the mug. Not only that, if you look carefully at the gold designs, you'll notice the touches that make it uniquely for Manila: Manila city hall, the horse-drawn kalesas that take you to and from Rizal Park, the Jones Bridge, and even the different kinds of food you'll get to enjoy when you go on a Binondo food trip


Get the Starbucks 14oz Mug Manila BeenThereGold for P795 from the Starbucks Official Flagship Store on Lazada

2 Starbucks 14oz Mug Philippines BeenThereGold (P795)

Starbucks Philippine exclusive destination mugs Philippines mug
The Philippines mug is covered in golden images that identify Filipinos and our culture.
Photo by Lazada/Starbucks Official Flagship Store

Just like the Manila mug, the Philippines mug also has a gold-covered color-changing design against eggshell white on the outside. What's different is a few things: the inside of the mug is lined in dark royal purple and the images depict more than just one city can show.


The Philippines' iconic representations of our country and culture are all there: the jeepneys, bahay kubos, the endangered Philippine eagle and tamaraw, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, the famous Guimaras mangoes, and more! One notable image on this mug as well as the Manila mug is the iconic Starbucks red cup, the only pop of color beyond gold and black that you'll only see when a drink is in the mug

Get the Starbucks 14oz Mug Philippines BeenThereGold for P795 from the Starbucks Official Flagship Store on Lazada

Did we get you excited to get your hands on these Starbucks Philippine-exclusive destination mugs? 

As of printing, the mugs are allegedly currently out of stock online via Starbucks' Official Flagship Stores on Lazada and not yet available on Shopee. So, if you can't wait to get your hands on these mugs, check out your nearest Starbucks branch to get these mugs in-store while supplies last! 



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