Starbucks Releases Statement About "Imitation Products"

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Are you one of those people who find out that Starbucks has new limited edition merch and immediately want every single one of them? We totally get it! There are some gorgeous tumblers, mugs, flasks, cups, and other drinkware that the coffee shop sells to its loyal customers to hold their beloved coffee drinks in hand. 

However, not all Starbucks merch you see online is officially from the coffee shop. The official Starbucks merchandise you see on its official Facebook page can be bought online from its official Shopee and Lazada stores where you can get the entire collection of any particular line it has released. However, if you didn't get it from these official stores, you may be wondering if your seemingly legit Starbucks merchandise is the real thing. 

That's what Starbucks said to have discovered and is investigating following a series of reports it claimed to have received about "unauthorized accounts selling illegitimate Starbucks merchandise through various platforms"


Here's the full statement it posted on its Facebook stories on September 9

Photo by Facebook/Starbucks Philippines
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The statement also cautioned its loyal customers to be wary of these imitation products since only its official merchandise are "original and of quality". 


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