How Much Do You Need To Pay For Your Starbucks Drinks After the Price Increase?

The last price increase happened around two years ago!

IMAGE Starbucks PH Facebook page

We feel you: everyone is affected by the price increase of supermarket goods and fuel prices, and now even your beloved cup of coffee joins the bunch. The recent increase will add P5 to P10, which is a 3 to 8 percent increase per drink!

According to Starbucks Philippines, the price increase is for them to provide quality drinks to their customers: "As part of our comprehensive approach to providing value and the Starbucks Experience, we periodically evaluate pricing to balance our need to run the business profitably while providing maximum value to our loyal customers and to attract new customers," Starbucks Philippines shared.

The Starbucks Philippines’ price increase will be applicable to all stores nationwide starting this week. The silver lining? Starbuck’s pastries and other food products are unaffected by the price increase! 


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