Starbucks Just Released Gorgeous Mermaid Mugs And Tumblers

It comes in a gorgeous powder blue shade!

Christmas is the season of giving, but it should also be the season of treating yourself. If you've always eyed Starbucks' merch whenever you're buying a cup of coffee, why not buy one as a Christmas gift to yourself right now? Starbucks just released their new Snowflake Siren and the Copper Siren collection, so it's the perfect time to do it. 

The Snowflake Siren collection includes a ceramic mug and a double-walled glass.
Photo by Starbucks Philippines

The Snowflake Siren collection includes a ceramic mug and a double-walled glass with the elements of the Starbucks' siren on it. The ceramic mug (P1,095) comes in a powder blue hue with a gold handle. The double-walled glass (P1,495) has a holographic look to it with the inner glass shaped like a mermaid's tail with intricate gold details that resemble a mermaid scales. When you pour your coffee, it will look like you are drinking from a mermaid's tail!

The Snowflake Siren and the Copper Siren collection mugs and tumblers. 
Photo by Starbucks Philippines
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This Snowflake Siren collection is not to be confused with the Copper Siren collection. This collection includes copper-toned stainless tumbler (P1,695) that comes in a cylindrical kraft box, while the other is a double-walled mug (P1,595) that comes with a gold crown as its lid and a  22nd Anniversary decorative hangtag.

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