PSA: Starbucks' Sticker-Collecting Season Is Officially Extended

Do you need more time to collect stickers?

IMAGE Starbucks Philippines official Facebook

Didn't think you had enough time to complete your 18 Starbucks stickers in exchange for a planner? You can relax and breathe a little easier now. Starbucks has officially extended the sticker-collecting period until January 24, 2020!

This gives you an additional two weeks from the original deadline to collect the remaining stickers you lack and finally get your hands on the Starbucks 2020 planners and travel organizers. Even if this basically means you would have to start using your 2020 planner 20 days (or so) late, it's always better late than never, right?


So, if you're still missing a lot of stickers, now would be the best time to gather your coffee-loving friends and get your caffeine fix at a Starbucks cafe near you.

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