7 Underrated Starbucks Food Items You Should Try

How many of these have you tasted?

Starbucks isn’t just for coffee, Frappuccinos, and tea, this coffee shop also offers an extensive menu of food items you can easily pair with your choice of beverage. The menu can be overwhelming for new customers. Here, we rounded up our tried-and-tested Starbucks favorites so you know what to add to your order the next time you’re out on that much-needed coffee run.

You can drizzle it with strawberry, caramel, or chocolate!
Photo by Starbucks Philippines official Instagram

1 Belgian Waffle

Starbucks uses a delicious batter that contains sugar, which attributes to the crystalized crunchy exterior when it is cooked, but leaves the insides soft and tender. Because of the caramelized exterior, it makes for a sturdy foundation when the Belgian waffle is topped with a mountain of whipped cream and your choice of chocolate, caramel, or strawberry syrup drizzle.

2 Banana Loaf

If you’re a huge banana bread fan, do not sleep on Starbucks’ banana bread! Yes, it may look simple beside Starbucks’ other pastries, but it has been on the menu for the longest time and there’s obviously a reason for that. The sweet, fruity banana bread has a consistent consistency of being soft, moist, and dense.


3 Banoffee Pie

Another banana dessert you’ll go bananas for is Starbucks’ banoffee pie. Starbucks’ version of this pie has a buttery cookie crust, layered with slices of bananas, drizzled with toffee and chocolate, and topped with whipped cream. These pies come in mini pie-sizes which serves just the right amount for one banoffee pie-loving person. Sharing is not recommended!

We highly recommend choosing the caramel drizzle for the New York-style cheesecake!
Photo by Bea Faicol

4 New York-style Cheesecake

A New York-style cheesecake is simple, but it isn’t exactly easy to perfect the ideal consistency. Starbucks’ New York-style cheesecake is sweet, tangy, and melts in the mouth like ice cream. It has a sweet cookie base, similar to the banoffee pie, and you can have your slice as is or with a chocolate or caramel drizzle on top.

The more cheese, the better!
Photo by Starbucks Philippines official Facebook

5 Four Cheese Flat Bread

If you want something different for lunch, Starbucks also offers lunch options like the Four Cheese Flat Bread. The flatbread is used like a pizza, where it is topped with different ingredients, such as four great kinds of cheese: Parmesan, mozzarella, cheddar, and cream cheese. It is also topped with garlic and Italian seasoning for a well-rounded flavor.


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Pair the cookie with your favorite drink! Spot another OG Starbucks favorite, the Double Pecan Chocolate Brownie.
Photo by Starbucks Philippines official Instagram

6 Dark Choco Macadamia Cookie

What’s not to love about a cookie with chocolate chips and nuts? Starbucks’ Dark Choco Macadamia Cookies are chewy with a little bit of crunch and are topped with huge dark chocolate chips and huge macadamia nuts. The best way to eat this is to first ask the server to have the cookie warmed up, so the dark chocolate chips will melt in your mouth.

We recommend purchasing both bagel dips (for an additional fee) and use alternately for each bite.
Photo by Starbucks Philippines official Facebook

7 Everything Bagel

This New York-style bagel is topped with everything delicious: Parmesan, Emmental cheese, onion, garlic, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, oat flakes, linseed, and sesame seeds. Have it toasted, slice it (horizontally!), and smear a piece with the Onion Herb Schmear or the Spicy Buffalo dip.


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