All Our Favorite Food Moments From Stranger Things Season 3

Did you spot the Eggos?

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched Stranger Things Season 3, turn back now! These food scenes aren't just tasty, they're also big, juicy plot points.

We don't think we've ever craved for waffles so bad until we saw Eleven ravenously eating Eggos in Stranger Things' first season. We've also never felt so much hope thanks to waffles when Hopper's box of Eggos disappeared. Stranger Things has always had a way of weaving food into their story to make us feel things-apart from hunger. Did you notice all these food moments, too? 

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1 Scoops Ahoy: Erica's Ice Cream Bribe

The ubiquitous ice cream parlor was key to breaking into the guarded, underground secret Russian lab; and all it took was a tasty bribe. Dustin, Robin, and Steve offer Erica, capitalist genius, sundaes galore, milkshakes, and the Scoops Ahoy's USS Butterscotch ice cream boat just to get her to sign up for Operation: Child Endangerment. Erica, the queen, is unimpressed of the huge ice cream spread and made a better deal: free ice cream forever. Would you risk your life for a lifetime supply of ice cream?  

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2 The Dark Side's Freshly Baked Cookies

During episode 3, a panicked Eleven and Sadie, worried that Billy might have murdered Heather, rush into Heather's house. Instead of the murder scene, they were expecting, they find Billy having the most pedestrian dinner of roast chicken with Heather's parents.  But where's Heather? Heather shows up with a tray of freshly baked cookies, a picture of robotic happiness. She offers the two kids cookies with her dead-eyed smile.

In the series, food often conveys comfort, safety, home, and at this moment, the show turns that upside down. It's a big moment: Billy isn't fighting anymore. 

3 The New Coke 

In the world of Stranger Things, they're drinking Coke like it's water. Everyone is spotted drinking it at one point or at least crushing its can. In one scene, Hopper, Alexei, and Byers, run into 7-11 to get a can each. Coming from a long foot-journey in the forest, they guzzle it down before they even get a chance to pay for it.


The Coca-Cola craze crests though, at the penultimate episode when Lucas breaks the silence with a very ill-timed can opening. In the direst of moments, with their lives on the line, and Eleven's nose bleeding to concentrate, Lucas and Mike get into an inane argument about the "New Coke."

The New Coke, by the way, was a new recipe that flopped in the '80s. If you're dying to understand what Lucas and Mike thought was so important to argue about, you can get a can of New Coke-it's not available in the Philippines, though.

4 The Slurpee Incident

Alexei, Russian Scientist, foodie, precious cherub, is crazy for Slurpee-sweet, crazy cherry Slurpee to be exact. When Hopper brings him strawberry Slurpee instead, he spits it out, refuses to cooperate and everyone loses their cool. Soon after, Alexei realizes just how much leverage he has. He realizes that he's no longer just a hostage but now has to help the Americans if he even wants a chance to survive.


6 Mike's M&M's

During Eleven and Mike's break, it's Mike's camp that's more visibly distressed with the litter of KitKat, Reese's, Fritos, and Skittles all around him. It's the same snacks though-specifically a pack of M&M's that help the two mend their relationship. When Eleven helps Mike out with a defective vending machine, he takes this as his cue. Shared candy brings them back together. Sometimes, chocolate is the answer to some problems.

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7 The curse of the corn dog

The first time we see corn dogs, dipped into its abundant cornmeal batter and deep-fried to perfection, it's at the doomed Starcourt Mall. We wish that had been the last time. The second time we encounter corn dogs is at the carnival. Murray, WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BABYSITTING ALEXEI, had these two perfect corn dogs when the most heartbreaking scene of the series happen (arguably more soul-crushing than the ending).

Alexei, who was having the time of his life, celebrating winning his huge stuffed toy, and realizing that the American dream might not be rigged, after all, the complete utter joy on his baby face, excitedly calls out to Murray, who's carrying corndogs to share. Before Alexei even gets to find out how delicious those corndogs are though, something big happens.

Darn those tasty, irresistible corn dogs! Who do you blame, Murray or the corn dogs? #JusticeforAlexei


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Season 3, sadly, did not feature the breakfast waffles being eaten by anyone. Instead, it's mentioned in Hopper's heart-to-heart letter in chapter 8, and displayed in the freezer aisle behind Eleven as she uses her telepathy at chapter 7. (You may find Kellog's Eggos at S&R, Landers, and Market Fresh by Rustan's if you're craving!) 


Amid the strangeness of the events, the plot, of Demogorgons, parasitic alien leeches, exploding rats, chimeras, and alternate universes, food brings to the table a sense of normalcy, home, grounding. In a high-concept series like Stranger Things, food is more than just décor, an incidental that the characters just happen to be doing; it's a character. The Stranger Things Menu just might be our favorite character (next to Alexei. #JusticeforAlexei)!


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