OMG, There's A New Coca-Cola Strawberry In Japan!

Strawberry fans, you have to get your hands on this.

Did you know that winter in Japan is the season for strawberries? This is why most Japanese bakeries release a variety of strawberry-flavored desserts come December to February. If you're a little adventurous, Coca-Cola Japan just released a Coca-Cola Strawberry.

This Japan-exclusive drink still comes in the same deep brown color as the classic Coca-Cola, but the scent is a giveaway that it's something different and fruity. The question is: Is it any good? According to Japan Today, "Coca-Cola Strawberry is something we'd actually recommend as a refreshing option for whenever you're feeling thirsty, not just a weird experiment to experience once and never revisit."

If you're booked for a trip to Japan, you should definitely try it! You can find it in convenience stores for 140Y or P66 a bottle. For the rest of us, we're crossing our fingers that it will soon be available in our local supermarkets!


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