We Found Strawberry-Flavored Soju In This Convenience Store!

For your next party!

One of the best things the K-wave blessed us with is Korean alcoholic beverage called soju, a clear, colorless distilled drink that’s commonly made from rice, wheat, or barley. The taste is definitely smoother than vodka.

Soju + Yakult = Yogurt Soju cocktail!
Photo by Bea Faicol

A favorite way to enjoy soju is a Korean cocktail called a yogurt soju, which combines soju, cultured milk (Yakult is the go-to!), and sometimes, a fizzy lemon soda is added but can be omitted. If you’re a huge fan of this cocktail as we are, we found Chum Churum’s strawberry-flavored soju that has 12% ABV for your next inuman session. 

You can add strawberries for extra flavor!
Photo by Bea Faicol

You can also use the strawberry-flavored soju for other soju cocktails. If you want to experience the OG soju cocktail, try this as a soju bomb or poktanju, where you have a glass of beer, place a pair of chopsticks on top, balance a shot glass of soju on top, and slam your hands on either side of the glass until the shot glass drops into the beer. 

You can find Chum Churum’s strawberry-flavored soju at Assi Fresh Plaza, a 24/7 Korean convenience store, for P115 only.


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