LIST: Sugar-Free Soda You Can Buy In Groceries, Convenience Stores, And Online

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You might be considering buying sugar-free sodas because of the possible sugar shortage and the price increase, but there are other reasons why this type of beverage has a huge following even before all this inflation. Sugar-free sodas are the perfect alternative if you want more of its fizzy, sweet pleasures and less of its sugary guilt. These are also perfect if you're diabetic or if diabetes runs in the family. 

The good thing is that there are several sugar-free- or zero-sugar-labeled to choose from. These are mostly available in supermarkets (big and small), convenience stores, and online.

Where to buy sugar-free sodas:

Rite n Lite


Rite and Lite claims to be zero sugar and keto-friendly. It comes in different flavors like Cucumber, Lemon, Lemon and Lime, Root Beer, Orange, and Peach. They also have fruity flavor combinations such as the Calamansi, Ginger, and Honey and the Lychee and Rose.

You can buy Rite n Lite in supermarket chains, convenience stores, and Shopee.

Based on Robinsons Supermarket, the price per can costs P23.50 each. Prices may vary depending on where you order it from.


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LaCroix is an imported sparkling water brand that also claims to have no calories and no artificial sweeteners. LaCroix is available as plain sparkling water, but it also comes in different fruity flavors like lemon, coconut, berry, cranberry-raspberry, peach-pear, tangerine, lime, Pamplemousse grapefruit, and passionfruit.

Just in case it might be of interest to the barista hiding inside of you, LaCroix has recipes on their website you can use to make cocktails and mocktails.

You can buy LaCroix at Healthy Options for P49/can. See this list of Healthy Options stores you can go to or you can also purchase online via the Healthy Options website.



Zevia's sugar-free sodas are sweetened using stevia, a botanical sweetener. It comes in orange, grape, strawberry, cherry cola, cola, grapefruit, ginger ale, lemon lime twist,caffeine-free cola, and black cherry. They also have unique flavors like the Dr. Zevia which has a cherry finish, Mountain Zevia which has citrusy notes, and the Cream Soda which has vanilla and butter flavors.

You can buy Zevia at Healthy Options for P69/can. See this list of Healthy Options stores you can go to or you can also purchase online via the Healthy Options website.

Coca-Cola and Sprite Zero Sugar


While Coca-Cola has already disclosed that they're feeling the effect of a sugar shortage, specifically Premium Refined Sugar, you should consider buying the Zero Sugar version if you're loyal to the distinct taste of Coca-Cola.

Coming from the same company, the Coca-Cola Company also offers sugar-free Sprite. For all the Sprite loyalists, the sugar-free version has a "Lemon-Lime Zero Sugar" label. 

The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Sprite Zero Suga are available in supermarket chains and convenience stores. These are available in a 325-ml can, a 1.5-liter bottle, and a 2-liter bottle.

Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar

Photo by Landers Superstore

If you're on Team Root Beer and you always need a chilled can on hand, you can never go wrong with something as classic, something as OG as Dr. Pepper. For the sugar-free version, you can easily buy a can of a Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar at Landers Superstore!

Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar is available at Landers Superstore. This is priced at P46.95 per can and  P629.95 for a dozen cans.


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