Grocery Run: 5 Drinks to Help Keep You Cool This Summer

It’s the middle of March and summer is officially in full swing. We’ve swapped out our beanies for sun hats, and we’re getting ready to head for the beach for some much needed R and R. The thing about summer, though, is that it can get really hot, really quickly.

In order to keep the heat at bay, it’s best to keep yourself cool and hydrated while you’re out having fun in the sun. Water’s terrific, but why not treat yourself to a nice tall glass of one of these totally tasty thirst quenchers while the sun’s still out?

C2 Red Tea

Now, you won’t have to drop by a restaurant to have your fill of refreshingly sweet red tea. C2’s raspberry-flavored Red Tea is ravishingly red and is the perfect way to end your meals in the summer heat.

Tamarind My Bell Locally Blended Juice


This tasty juice drink is amazing because it’s produced in the Philippines, features local fruit and has amazingly fun names like Kamias You Are and You’re Dalandan It Again. We suggest that you try the wonderfully tart Tamarind My Bell for something that’s a little bit different and proudly Pinoy.

Honest Tea Peach Ooh-La Long Tea

If you’re watching your sugar, Honest Tea is perfect for you! It has just the right amount of sweetness, thanks to a little dose of totally good-for-you agave syrup, so you won’t feel too guilty after downing an entire bottle of this stuff after bathing in the sun all day.

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C2 Lemon Iced Tea

Who doesn’t love a bit of good old-fashioned iced tea to help cool off during the summer? Grab yourself a bottle of lemon-flavored C2 Iced Tea for a taste of something familiar and undeniably refreshing!

Bayani Brew Camotea Commotion


There’s something about Bayani Brew that’s makes you feel good about buying their drinks. Whether it’s because of the fun packaging, their fair trade ethos or their dedication to producing quality drinks, we’re always happy to buy bottles of their delicious teas. Their brand new Camotea Commotion tea uses young camote sprouts and is as tasty as it is unique!


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Images from Honest Tea and LocallyPH.

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