Everything You Need to Throw the Ultimate Summer Party

Here's where to buy all your summer party essentials!


Summer is in full swing now—it’s time for a summer party under the sun! Prepare your favorite recipes (we have tons of summer-friendly recipes) and grab all your party essentials. Make sure to have these to make your summer soiree extra fun: 



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Stay cool under the sweltering summer sun with one-of-a kind icy treats.


1 Floaties for your drinks

Bring your drinks into the pool without worrying about any spillage! Party Pals offers donut floaties for your cups and Celebrations Party Central has flamingo floaties for beer cans. Bottoms up!


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This punch recipe uses handmade wines from Ilocos Norte!


Click here for more information on Party Pals and click here for more information on Celebrations Party Central. 


2 Pizza floatie

While we’re still on the topic of pool parties—why not celebrate with a giant pizza floatie in the pool? It might even be a more worthy Instagram subject than the real pizza you just ordered! You can order this pool floatie online from Party Pals.


Click here to view Party Pals' catalogue. 


3 Ice cream bowls

Cool down from the summer heat with colorful ice cream bowls from OEM. You can also try your hand at making homemade ice cream! Have you tried our homemade cheese ice cream recipe yet?


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A reader shared with us a recipe for homemade cheese ice cream, and we're happy that she did!


Click here to order OEM's ice cream bowls online. 



4 Silicone ice molds

These star- and heart-shaped silicone ice molds from Daiso are super versatile: you can freeze anything from colorful fruit juices, to coffee, and even jelly. The silicone makes it easy to unmold, and your drinks will be more festive than ever. You can also find silicone popsicle molds in the store! 


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It's summer time! Let the kids have fun in the kitchen.


Silicone ice and popsicle molds are available at Daiso. Click here to view a list of their branches. 


5 Paper cups, paper plates, paper napkins, and paper straws

Avoid using plastic at all costs! Luckily, National Bookstore holds all your party essentials in vibrant, festive colors and designs. Take your pick!


6 Popcorn holders

Give your guests something to munch throughout the day—popcorn makes for the perfect summer snack! You can even flavor them any way you want to. Grab these popcorn holders at Celebrations Party Central!


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Stovetop popcorn beats microwave popcorn any day!


Click here to view a list of Celebration Party Central branches. 



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