Love Yakult? You Have To Try This Sweet And Milky Japanese Boozy Drink

They have other flavors, too!

GOOD FOOD ALERT! If Korea gifted us with soju, then leave it to Japan to gift us with shochu, a distilled spirit commonly made from rice, sweet potatoes, wheat, and/or sugar cane. Suntory is one of the popular Japanese alcoholic beverage brands that offer a chuhai, a shortened name for shochu highball, resulting in a fruity, sweeter alcohol mix.

For your next inuman session, you should definitely try Suntory's Horoyoi, which translates to "tipsy".

Meet Suntory's White Sour Horoyoi!
Photo by Bea Faicol

What you need to know

Suntory's Horoyoi line, like other chuhai in Japan, has an average of 3% ABV or alcohol content per can. If you compare it with beer bought from our convenience stores and supermarkets, this has has less alcohol content (other beer brands have 5% ABV and other spirits even have it higher).

The Horoyoi line comes in different flavors: green grapes, red grapes, peach, and, our personal favorite, the white sour.

This is best consumed when chilled.
Photo by Bea Faicol
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What we love about it

Because these canned alcoholic beverages only have a small amount of alcohol in them, this is the perfect drink for anyone who doesn't like the bitter taste of alcohol. Also, Horoyoi's chuhai is perfect if you just want a cocktail that's not too strong but still want a little buzz.

We instantly liked Horoyoi's white sour the most, even though the peach is considered to be one of the most popular flavors. Much to our surprise, this drink has a sweet milky flavor that resembles calpis or calpico, a Japanese beverage that's made with milk, yeast, and lactic acid bacterium. The white sour chuhai has flavors similar to Yakult and other cultured milk. What's not to love about that?

You don't really need to pair this with anything, but just make absolutely, 100% sure that you eat beforehand. 

Where to get it

These are available via Boozy where each can is sold at P79, while you can also get this in Puregold for P120 a can (we scored ours with a 50% discount). Your grocery's imported beverage aisle is still worth checking into because more and more supermarkets are starting to supply this, but, of course, in varying price points.


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