Sushi Nori Keeps the Party Going With These Poke and Sushi Trays

Sushi for NYE may be the best idea anyone's ever had.

If Christmas in the Philippines starts in September, there's no way it ends at 11:59 p.m. on December 25. In fact, there's a term for people who do that: party poopers. Sushi Nori certainly knows how to keep a party rolling and the options you have for every reunion, late Christmas party, early New Year's party-you name it, really-seem pretty vast. The Poké Party (P2,699) and the Sushi Overload (P2,099) in particular seem like your best bets in terms of range if you're jonesing for Japanese over the holidays, but any of their party specials will do the trick.


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The Sushi Overload is a selection of premium rolls, such as the Guardian Roll and the Godzilla Roll, and 16 pieces of the ever-popular Sushi Dream Roll, with 48 rolls all told. The Poké Party lives up to its name with the inclusion of Aburi and Samba-the whole thing good for 12 people. 


If you want a bit of the classics in your sushi tray, Sushi Nori also offers Classic (P1,799/44 pieces of California Maki, Tuna Sushi, Salmon Sashimi, Tamago Sushi, Tuna Sashimi, Salmon Sushi, Kani Sushi); the California party platters (P1,299/48 pieces of California Maki); the Super (P1,699/56 pieces of assorted California Maki, BNY Roll, Crazy Kani Roll, Sushi Dream Roll); and the Best of the Best (P1,799/52 pieces of assorted California Maki, Firecracker Roll, Sushi Dream Roll, Tamago Sushi).

For more information, visit Sushi Nori's Facebook page.

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