This Handy Tool Can Reseal Your Plastic Food Bags

Say goodbye to chip clips!

Picture this: You're eating a bag of chips for merienda and you decide halfway through that you're pretty full and will keep the rest for later. Congratulations, the road to a healthy lifestyle and achieving your dream body is afoot. Give yourself a pat on the back. In all seriousness, the only thing that really happens now is that you need to find a chip clip or some kind of seal to hold the bag closed. We found something even better: Sweejar's electric sealing machine!

Keep your snacks fresh with this nifty tool!
Photo by Sweejar

Here's how it works: The battery-powered device basically heats up the plastic, making two sides of the bag stick together as if sealed again. Press the device for a few seconds to heat it up then place your plastic bag in between the two panels and slowly run the device across the bag to seal. You may need to repeat the process two or three times in case any unsealed spaces are left behind.

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Now you won't have to worry about finding chip clips or using up food containers that you might need for leftover meals. Plus, resealing your snacks will help keep them fresh and crunchy!

Here's a closer look at this cool device:

Use it to seal snacks, bags of fruit, and other packaged food items.
Photo by Sweejar
It comes in two cute colors: pink and white.
Photo by Sweejar

Available on Lazada for P213.


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