Have You Tried These Delicious Fries From One Of Manila's Best Burger Joints?

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There shouldn't be any debate that Sweet Ecstasy is one of the best places for burgers in Metro Manila. There's more than enough love to go around for the burger joint's specialties like its Cheeseburger (P260), Grilled Cheeseburger (P340), Steamburger (P270), Western Burger (P350), and The Double (P395). All of these are best paired with a side order of fries, of course. After all, a delicious burger just doesn't feel complete without just-as-delicious fries! 


Sweet Ecstasy has different sides you can choose from and one that is deserving of your attention are the Ecstasy Fries (P150). This side dish is made with Sweet Ecstasy's Fantastic Fries (plain, hand-cut potato French fries) covered in Sweet Ecstasy's addicting Ecstasy Sauce, cheese, and caramelized onions. 

This is the kind of French fries you'll appreciate if you love your fries on the soggier side; the good kind of soggy, anyway. The fries become soft when it comes in contact with the generous amount of the famous Ecstasy Sauce that coats it. 

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We don't know the secret formula for the Ecstasy Sauce, all we know is that it's delicious enough that you'll want to wipe the container clean. 

The other delicious sides of Sweet Ecstasy include the Kamote Burger Fries (P285), Fantastic Fries (P100), Burger Fries (P245), Kamote Fries (P140), Pickle Fries (P160), Onion Rings (P155), and Pepenos (P155).

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