Del Monte, Clara Ole, UFC, and More: Which Is the Best-Tasting Sweet-Style Spaghetti Sauce?

Extra hotdogs, please!

Ah, the sweet tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, and chopped hotdog combo. There’s nothing quite like Filipino sweet-style spaghetti! This dish is a must at Pinoy parties, and is perfect for feeding large crowds of family and friends on weekends. For this reason, many home cooks turn to store-bought sweet-style spaghetti packs that you can find on grocery shelves. It makes cooking for a crowd faster and easier. 





We picked up 5 different brands of sweet-style spaghetti sauce that can be found in any major supermarket in Metro Manila—they are this month’s stars in our Taste Test! Each dish was prepared the same way: ½ cup of pasta sauce was simmered in a quick sauté of 1 teaspoon of chopped garlic and 1 tablespoon of chopped red onions. No salt or pepper was added to taste, but we threw in a handful of chopped red hotdogs into each pasta dish because…well, Pinoy sweet spaghetti just wouldn’t be the same without those red hotdogs.



If you’re prepping your own pasta at home, feel free to adjust your sauce to your own taste. You can add ground beef, extra garlic, different kinds of sausages, and even cheese into the sauce. It’ll get any party started! 





1 Del Monte

Del Monte is easily one of the more recognizable brands of grocery spaghetti sauce out there—many home cooks also use their tomato sauces and pastes for tomato-based stews and dishes. This sauce will thicken very quickly when simmered on the stove top. You’ll have pasta sauce ready in a matter of minutes! If you aren’t a fan of super sweet pasta sauce, add lots of garlic and pepper into the mix.


Del Monte’s Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce is available for P23.95 per 250-gram pack.


2 Clara Ole

Clara Ole’s sweet spaghetti sauce has great texture—it isn’t as thick and sticky as the others, but still clings to and coats spaghetti noodles well. Because it doesn’t reduce too quickly when simmered, this sauce gives you lots of space to experiment: start with a sauté of garlic, onions, and ground meat for a well-rounded sauce. Don’t forget to season with a pinch of salt!


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Clara Ole’s Filipino Style Pasta Sauce is available for P20.50 per 250-gram pack.




3 Fiesta (White King)

Fiesta’s sweet spaghetti sauce stood out from the others with the addition of Parmesan cheese—smart, because it gives the sweet sauce a hint of saltiness and another layer of flavor. This sauce doesn’t need anything in terms of seasoning: it is garlicky and seasoned with the right touch of salt, pepper, dried herbs. Fiesta’s sweet spaghetti sauce, for us, was the clear winner—and, for a great price, too!


Fiesta’s Sweet Spaghetti Sauce is available for P41.90 per 500-gram pack.



UFC’s sauce was the only sauce that was distinctively seasoned with a good amount of ground black pepper—delicious! We also liked how it wasn’t as sweet as the others. The sauce does a great job at incorporating every ingredient add-on together. It could, however, be seasoned with an extra pinch of salt.



UFC’s Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce is available for P22.10 per 250-gram pack.


5 Ram

While sweetness is often what hits you first when it comes to Pinoy-style spaghetti sauce, Ram stands out by having a very distinct tomato taste. It gets a little thick once it simmers over the stove, so add a splash of water and your sauce should be fine. If you’re looking to save a few pesos, this pack is the cheapest 250-gram pack of sauce on grocery shelves.


Ram’s Sweet Style Spaghetti Sauce is available for P19.95 per 250-gram pack.


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