This Popular Brown Tikoy Only Costs P190 Per Box

Have you tried this tikoy?

Tikoy is a staple handa whenever Chinese New Year comes and there are tons of tikoy brands to choose from. There are brands you can find almost anywhere and there are other tikoy brands that are under the radar and you’d have to go out of your way to get a box. Case in point: Sweet Taste’s Tikoy.

Photo by Facebook/Sweet Taste

Sweet Taste is a Quezon City-based bakeshop that started selling homemade tikoy in 1991. This year, they have a plain white and plain brown tikoy on their list and they previously offered an ube version, too (the purple-hued tikoy is unfortunately not available this year). 

This lumpia is stuffed with Sweet Taste’s tikoy and cheese.
Photo by Facebook/Sweet Taste

We’ve been noticing a lot of people raving about Sweet Taste’s tikoy in online food communities (specifically from Best of the Best Manila), saying the brown tikoy is one of the best in town. True enough, we saw a post on Sweet Taste’s official Facebook page that they already reached the maximum amount of tikoy orders as early as February 5 and have decided to refuse any orders until February 12, 2021.


Luckily, we were able to buy a box before the announcement and tried it for ourselves just to see if it really lives up to its hype. 

Photo by Facebook/Sweet Taste

We got Sweet Taste’s 1.5-kilogram brown tikoy, cut it into rectangular shapes, coated it with beaten egg, then fried it on a pan until the egg coating turned crisp. The brown tikoy is very soft when you fry it, and it’s just as soft when you take that first bite.

The taste of brown tikoy is surprisingly not too sweet. If you are accustomed to sweet tikoy, this pales in comparison—which of course isn’t a bad thing! It has the right amount of sweetness that won’t make you grab for a glass of water, but enough that it will make you want more. A huge plus is that it doesn’t harden even after the temperature of the fried tikoy has cooled down. 


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Photo by Facebook/Sweet Taste

Sweet Taste’s brown tikoy is less sweet than its white counterpart. If you like tikoy on the sweeter side of the spectrum, then you should definitely buy the plain tikoy.

Sweet Taste’s two classic tikoy flavors are offered in different sizes: a 400-gram tikoy costs P70, a 750-gram tikoy costs P100, a kilogram costs P130, and a 1.5-kilogram tikoy costs P190.

Follow Sweet Taste on Facebook for more information.


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