We're Buzzing Over This Cute Honey Cake That Looks Like A Beehive

It even has little bees on top!

IMAGE Instagram/sweetoothub

While minimalist cakes have been a big dessert trend this 2020, ironically, hyper-realistic cakes that look like real items rather than baked treats have also been making waves all over the Internet. Viral videos showing cakes that look like shoes, toys, and even human hands have been circulating all over social media these days. While those cakes might be a little too unnerving for the regular dessert lover, we found something with a cute design inspired by real life that would make any cake fan curious: Sweetoothub's Honey Cake has a cute design that looks like a beehive and it's complete with edible bees on top!


While rich, sinful desserts like fudgy chocolate cake will always have our hearts, this honey cake is perfect if you're looking for a dessert that isn't too sweet and will satisfy your sugar cravings without being overly heavy or cloying. The honey flavor comes through in a perfectly balanced mix of sweet and tangy.

Inside, you'll find layers upon layers of airy honey cake and creamy frosting. The exterior of the cake is covered in a crumb-like coating reminiscent of silvanas. On top, you'll see a cool hexagonal pattern modeled after the inside of a beehive. The cake is finished off with some cute bee decorations on top. The result is an adorable, IG-worthy cake that's not too flashy, but still impressive. Just seeing the unique design will make you want to grab a slice!

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Inside, you'll find layers upon layers of honey cake and frosting.
Photo by Instagram/sweetoothub

You can order Sweetoothub's Honey Cake by sending a message to their Instagram page.


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