There Are 100 Different Versions of Tapa!

You can never have too much tapa.



Grilled Knorr liquid seasoning-marinated portabello mushroom tapa by Chef Monica Dechavez


In celebration of National Tapa Day, the team at Knorr commissioned a team of esteemed chefs from all over the country to develop and prepare 100 unique dishes featuring one of our favorite breakfast staples, tapa!


Spicy shrimp pasta with butter tapa sauce by Chef Sabrina Gan


The event saw the chefs, including the likes of Joseph Ventura and Sonny Mariano churning out unique takes on tapa including Chicken Fried Tapa Steak, Pork Tapa Buns, Lamb Tapa Kebab, and Chicken Tapsilog Sushi. There was an almost endless number of possible combinations when it came down to reinventing the flavors that we all know and love.

Tapa bacon on poached egg and kimchi fried rice by Chef Tim Abejuela

Inspired to recreate your own tapa dishes? Click here to see our list of tapa recipes. 

Images couresy of Unilver Food Solutions

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