Sinigang Isn't The Only Filipino Dish To Make The Top 10 Best List Of TasteAtlas!

Are these other Filipino ulam dishes some of your favorites, too?

It may no longer be a surprise that a Filipino dish such as the sinigang would make it onto a Top 10 Best list. It's a testament that Filipino food is getting some serious love beyond our borders! 

That's why it's always good to hear that Taste Atlas, a travel guide to different kinds of food around the world, is still giving attention to some of our favorite local soups and dishes. This time, the sinigang is joined by the humble tinola and the bulalo on the list, too.

In fact, these soups are not the only Filipino dishes that have been rated and made it to the Top 10 of Taste Atlas lists. 

Here are the other lists where a Filipino dish made Taste Atlas' Top 10 list: 

Best Rated Soup In The World

Shrimp sinigang is best paired with steaming hot rice.
Photo by Shutterstock

According to Taste Atlas, sinigang is Number 6 in its Top 10 list of "10 Most Popular Southeast Asian Soups" and Number 8 on the "10 Best Rated Soups In the World."

In fact, if you check out its more comprehensive list of "50 Best Rated Soups in the World", you'll find other Filipino soup dishes on the list, too, including tinolang manok at Number 26, bulalo at Number 22, and sinigang na baboy at Number 16. 

Taste Atlas's Facebook post dated August 8 however ranks the dishes all higher than its previous July 25 article: 

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Most Popular Southeast Asian Poultry Dishes 

Chicken inasal is a classic barbecue chicken dish.
Photo by Patrick Martires

Another dish you can be proud of is the chicken inasal which is Number 8 on the "10 Most Popular Southeast Asian Poultry Dishes" on the food rating site. Other chicken dishes on the list include the popular Hainanese Chicken Rice as Number 1 and Duck Rice as Number 5 both from Singapore and Ayam Goreng at Number 2 and the duck version Bebek Goreng at Number 6 both from Indonesia, too. 


Best Rated Southeast Asian Ground Meat Dishes 

A simple mix of mixed veggies and ground meat makes a delicious yet simple ulam.
Photo by Jun Pinzon

Would you believe that we have not one but two dishes that made it to the Top 9 list of "9 Best Rated Southeast Asian Ground Meat Dishes"? That's right! Of the top dishes on the list, two are Filipino, namely the humble giniling and the bola bola which were ranked Number 8 and 9 respectively. 


Best Rated Egg Dishes In The World 

The tortang talong is a long-time favorite ulam dish.
Photo by Shutterstock

The tortang talong was already recognized as one of Southeast Asia's best food, but did you know that it also made it the world ranking list,too? It is Number 6, beating out Japan's tamagoyaki, USA's Eggs Benedict, and Spain's tortilla de patata in Taste Atlas's "10 Best Rated Egg Dishes In The World"


According to Taste Atlas's Facebook post, however, it ranked the highest! 

Are you proud to have some of your favorite dishes make it to these lists? We know we are! 

Taste Atlas is a travel guide to different kinds of food all over the world.


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