Taters Is Now Serving Sriracha-Flavored Snacks!

Who doesn't love the heat of Sriracha?

IMAGE Taters official Facebook page

Is popcorn your fave go-to snack for movie dates? Meet Tater’s new Blockbuster Sriracha series! If you are a huge fan of the spicy flavors coming from the iconic red bottle with the bright green nozzle, you just have to try it combined with your favorite movie snacks!



Tater’s Sriracha series includes the candied Sriracha superpop, popcorn flavored with sweet-spicy flavors. If you prefer to munch on potato snacks, they also have the barbecue Sriracha chips and the barbecue Sriracha fries—all of these flavorful treats are priced starting at P65.


Tater's Blockbuster's Sriracha Series is only available in select Taters branches nationwide.

Visit Tater's official website for more information.


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Get stabs of fiery flavors in this bottle!

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