Ube Pandesal Fans, You'll Want to Try This Ube Spanish Bread

It goes great with coffee!

IMAGE The Team Bang Pastries

You've probably had your fair share (read: embarassingly excessive amounts) of ube cheese pandesal this 2020 because the pastry seems to be available at every bakery and food shop in Manila these days. If you still can't get enough of breads flavored from the classic Pinoy purple yam, you'll want to try this: Instagram-based bakeshop The Team Bang Pastries makes ube spanish bread!

Photo by The Team Bang Pastries

Spanish bread is a type of soft bread roll filled with a sweet, buttery paste and dusted with bread crumbs. It's a classic comfort food that you've probably had your fill of at family lunches and office cafeterias over the years. It's a great option to have at home any time you're in the mood for a hearty breakfast and it goes especially well with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

The Team Bang Pastries' ube version of this timeless treat gives the pastry an extra touch of flavor and a distinctly Pinoy twist. They also have other ube treats available like ube cheese pandesal, ube coco bread, and ube quezo babka loaf.

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You can order The Team Bang Pastries' ube breads by sending a message to their Instagram page with your name, complete address, contact number, and orders. You can pay via BPI or BDO transfer and GCash. You can pick up the order yourself or book your own courier and have it delivered straight to your door.

Check out their full menu and price list online.


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