This Super Smart Rice Cooker Can Replace A Lot Of Your Appliances

Small kitchen? Make your rice cooker earn its space!

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A small kitchen shouldn't stop you from having wonderful home-cooked meals. This smart rice cooker can slow cook, steam, reheat, keep warm, sauté, sear, fry, and even bake.  Yes, this rice cooker can bake. Tefal recently launched the Spherical Pot Rice Cooker line and it may just be the multitasking appliance you need: 

Every grain is fluffy!
Photo by Courtesy of Tefal

1 It can cook all kinds of rice beautifully.

Rice cookers have just one job: cook rice. They don't always do it right, though. This rice cooker lets you toggle your settings according to your type of rice whether Japanese, brown, normal, or glutinous and how you want it to turn out: soft, normal, hard, or crispy. So whether you like tutong or not, this rice cooker can give you exactly what you want.  

The nonstick surface of this spherical pot is also quite impressive. Right after cooking your rice, none of the grains stick on the surface. You can even glide and slide the rice around the pot just by tilting it. This means two things: you won't be wasting a single grain of rice, and clean-up is going to be a breeze.

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When you cook your meats slowly, you don't lose any flavor to high heat. Instead, you gently tenderize while intensifying flavor.
Photo by Patrick Martires

 2 It can slow cook a hot meal to end the day.

Slow cooked meals are the ultimate hack to having delicious, home-cooked meals after a long, stressful day. Just chop up your ingredients and throw it in the pot with some seasoning. Turn it on and come home to tender, hot, perfection. Imagine slow cooking your nilaga! The time you allow it to develop flavors will give you the best ever beef shank soup.  

We never thought that you could stir fry with a rice cooker.
Photo by Courtesy of Tefal

3 It can stir-fry, sauté and sear.

No need to use a frying pan to sauté, sear, and fry. Do it all in one pot! When you're making the base flavors of your congee or your soup, there's no need to start in different cookware. You know what that means, right? Fewer dishes to wash! Its rounded bottom also acts like that of a wok's, enabling you to make stir-fried dishes.

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Binagoongan with just a rice cooker? U
Photo by Courtesy of Tefal

4 It can churn out your favorite stews and soups.

On soup mode, you can churn out your favorite sinigang! You can also churn out an extremely flavorful binagoongan. The possibilities are endless. 

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This chocolate cake was brought to you by a rice cooker. Can you believe it?
Photo by Courtesy of Tefal

5 It can bake a cake!

The dessert mode is something you won't see on your normal rice cooker. Thanks to the heat coming not just from the bottom, but also from the sides, you'll be able to cook moist, evenly cooked cakes easily.

Tefal even developed its own "Claypot" Chicken Adobo recipe.
Photo by Courtesy of Tefal

6 It can make "palayok" or claypot dishes.

Claypots, known to us as "palayok" isn't just for provincial cooking anymore. Thanks to the unique shape of this rice cooker, you can achieve the same results of a clay pot-cooked meal.

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May 30, 2016

If you already have a rice cooker,  it's no doubt already taking up precious space in your kitchen. Using a multifunctional cooker instead gives more value to your space.

The Tefal Optimal Spherical Pot Rice Cooker costs P10,995 while the Tefal Initial Spherical Pot Rice Cooker costs P 8,995.

Only until March 5, 2019, you can buy Tefal Home products 20% at SM Makati. If you are an SM  Prestige or Advantage card holder, you can get the products at 30% off.


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