This Ube + Tiramisu Cake Is A Match Made In Dessert Heaven

The famous purple yam meets the classic Italian dessert!

IMAGE Instagram/thatawkwardbaker

If you love taking your dessert with a warm cup of coffee, you might be a fan of Italian dessert tiramisu. We recently rounded up some spots to check out if you want to get the espresso-infused cake delivered. We also found a unique twist to the dessert featuring a beloved Filipino flavor that you may want to check out: Online shop That Awkward Baker makes an ube version of tiramisu!


As with classic tiramisu, this cake is made with lady fingers (though ube lady fingers in this case) dipped in coffee syrup layered together with ube cream custard. The deep toasty flavors of black coffee combined with the sweet, nutty taste of ube make for a comforting and satisfying symphony of flavors. This take on tiramisu takes the classic Italian dessert and gives it a distinctly Filipino flair.

You can get a 500 mL tub (good for two) for P260 and a 1,500mL tub (good for four to five) for P520. If you're a purist, That Awkward Baker also has classic tiramisu on their menu for the same price. Order some for the weekend or send a tub to someone special!

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You can order That Awkward Baker's Ube Tiramisu by sending a message to their Instagram page.


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