The Churros Trends You Should Be Trying Out

The churros obsession has officially taken over Manila!

IMAGE David Hanson

We've been spying so many different twists to the churrosthe classic Spanish deep-fried dough with dark chocolate dipping saucein Manila. Who knew churros could be better than they already are? Keep an eye out for these trends the next time that craving hits you. 


 Churros + Ice Cream

Creamy cold ice cream meets crunchy hot churrosit is difficult to keep your fork away from this dessert! We spotted restaurants giving justice to this great combo: 



As a café dedicated entirely to serving up creative desserts, Mr. Churros does not disappoint with their overflowing churro ice cream bowls and thick churro milkshakes! Is your tummy growling yet? 


Llucia Churreria serves their crispy churros over a smooth soft-serve, and then topping them wtih either a chocolate or caramel drizzle.  


Rambla’s plated dessert is almost too pretty to eat. Get into these white chocolate churros accompanied with matcha ice cream. It’s a fun play on mixing up crunchy and smooth textures. 



Flavored Churros

Mixing up the classic churro dough with new flavors and dips make for a fun dessert with endless possiblities for flavor pairings. These establishments do exactly that: 



We can never get enough of Churreria La Lola’s exciting menu. They recently introduced matcha-flavored churros, alongside their already popular mix of dark chocolate and white chocolate-dipped churros. 



Xocolat is the perfect place for the chocolate-obsessed. Keep cozy in their homey café and order their bittersweet chocolate churros and chocolate dipping sauce. 



Why limit yourself to the classic chocolate dip? Don’s Original Spanish Churros serves up their churros with a fun variety of strawberry, blueberry, and dulce de leche dips. 


Savory Churros

Who ever thought that sweet was the only way to go with churros? Their plain dough base is a great vessel for salty and savory toppings. Here are a couple of establishmets serving up some truly unique churros: 




If sugar and chocolate-coated churros are not your cup of tea, Wildflour Bakery + Café offers a savory twist with a Parmesan version. 



Despite being the new kid on the block, La Maripili has been making noise with their one-of-a-kind menu. Their savory offerings include Spanish chorizo and jamón serrano toppings. 


Are you ready to make your own churros at home? Read up on our classic recipe and tutorial HERE.


Images originally from Facebook and Instagram. Main image by David Hanson. 

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