PSA: You Can Get Bacolod's Most Buttery Ensaymada Here In Manila

Felicia's is known for their uber-indulgent take on the classic bread.

IMAGE The Commissariat Manila

When in Bacolod, there's a ton to see and visit-and of course, there's a ton to eat. From savory dishes to classic Negrenese pastries and everything in between, the city is a real treasure trove of all sorts of crave-worthy fare. Among the establishments well worth including in any Bacolod itinerary is Felicia's-a pastry shop known for their stellar bakes and desserts, including their famous Ensaymada. Unable to travel out of the Metro, but looking to get your fix? We've got great news: You can get these buttery bad boys and other Bacolod eats delivered around Metro Manila, thanks to online shop The Commissariat Manila!

felicia's ensaymada
Try this buttery bad boy without having to leave the Metro.
PHOTO BY The Commissariat Manila

This online shop delivers some of the best-known Bacolod food, including Felicia's Ensaymada:

In case you've never had them, Felicia's Ensaymadas are relatively huge (we're talking about five inches in diameter!) and ultra-buttery versions of the classic bread of Hispanic origin. They're then topped with a generous amount of cheese, which makes for a savory counterpoint, and whose creaminess just about melds with the pillowy brioche underneath! At The Commissariat Manila, you can get it in boxes of six (P1,215) and 12 (P2,430)-perfect for giving out to your friends or fam this Christmas season, or just for stuffing your face with. (No judgment.)

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felicia's ensaymada
The Commissariat Manila lets you get the ensaymada in boxes of six or 12.
PHOTO BY The Commissariat Manila

For a more casual bite, you can also try Felicia's Cheese Rolls (P1,420/box of 16); or one of Felicia's cookies in ready-to-gift cans, like the Almond Crisps (P490) and Lemon Thins (P425). For a little of everything, go for one of their Christmas sets, like the Felicia's Set A (P3,100) with the pastry shop's Chocolate Almond Thins, Fruit Cake, Turron de Pili, and Pili Crumble.

almond thins from felicia's
You can also try their gift-ready cookies in tins.
PHOTO BY The Commissariat Manila
Felicia's Set A
..Or one of their Christmas gift sets.
PHOTO BY The Commissariat Manila

The ensaymadas, cheese rolls, and cookies are among the items The Commissariat Manila flies in fresh on selected delivery dates. Until December 18, these are available on a weekly basis, with The Commissariat taking orders via their website until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays for delivery on Saturdays. There will be a short break from December 19 to January 2; afterwards, you can still preorder these items, but the delivery for them will be taking place only every two weeks.


The Commissariat Manila also has on-hand Bacolod fare-including Felicia's Chocolate Cake (P995) in a tin, and the simple but stellar Felicia's Butter Cake (P850). You'll also find frozen savory eats like the famous EreƱeta-Manaloto Chorizo, available in the garlicky Recado (P395) and sweet Hamonado (P395) versions; and ready-to-eat jarred provisions from Casa Carmela including the Chorizo Pudpud (P375) and Squid Adobo (P365).

felicia's cakes
Felicia's is also known for their line of cakes in tin cans and foil pans.
PHOTO BY The Commissariat Manila
ereneta manaloto chorizo
The EreƱeta-Manaloto Chorizo makes for a great breakfast anytime.
PHOTO BY The Commissariat Manila
casa carmela jarred items
Casa Carmela makes savory eats in jars-perfect for keeping on hand for quick meals or hors d'oeuvres.
PHOTO BY The Commissariat Manila

For orders, visit The Commissariat Manila's website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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