Choc Nut, Turon, Kalamansi, And Ube Muffins Are The Comfort Food You Deserve This Week

Have them for breakfast or dessert!

There's no denying the appeal that sweet treats from world-famous cuisines like Japanese, Korean, or Spanish have, but while these food trends and culture crazes may come and go, local flavors remain a staple. The comforting dishes and desserts of your hometown or childhood bring about a comfort that cannot be replicated. If you'd like to transport yourself back to those simpler times, food is always the best place to start and we found something that could help you do just that: The Cook Up Studio's Pinoy Klasik Muffins are inspired by the tried-and-true flavors from our own backyard. They're available in Choc Nut, Turon, Ube, and Kalamansi!


For those unfamiliar with the muffin's distinct charms, think of it as the cupcake's more mature older sister. It's a slightly denser pastry, more similar to bread than to cake. A fairly filling treat and one that is relatively simpler and more subdued, muffins are usually enjoyed on their own rather than with any sugary frosting or eye-catching embellishments, allowing the texture and flavor of the pastry to shine on its own. While less flashy, muffins are arguably the more versatile of the two, as they open themselves up to more unique flavors, including sometimes savory ones. Plus, they're a great option not just for dessert, but for a quick afternoon snack, or even for breakfast.

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The Cook Up Studio's muffins have a distinctly rustic feel to them not just because of their homey flavors, but because of the delicate care put into each flavor variant. Owned by home baker and mother Madge Landrito, the store's Instagram bio reads "I've been cooking my whole life for family, friends and guests. Now it's time to open up my kitchen to you." And yes, the muffins are just as warm and welcoming.


Check out each of the flavors:

For a treat that will transport you right back to your childhood, try the Choc Nut muffin. Generously sprinkled with crumbled Choc Nut bits atop the pastry, this treat gives you a satisfying mix of textures through and through. It's hard to beat the distinct nutty, chocolatey taste of the beloved local chocolate bar.

Choc Nut Muffin
Photo by Instagram/thecookupstudio_mnl

Banana bread has been a big trend this past 2020, but this turon muffin takes fluffy banana pastries to new heights with the distinctly Pinoy flavor of fried saba coated in brown sugar. Best part? The caramelized bits of turon wrapper on top that add a satisfying crunch to each bite!

Turon Muffin
Photo by Instagram/thecookupstudio_mnl

Ube has become the celebrity ingredient of the quarantine season in Manila and the beloved purple yam is the star of the show in this irresistible muffin. Just seeing that vibrant shade of violet is enough to get anyone craving!

Ube Muffin
Photo by Instagram/thecookupstudio_mnl

For lovers of tangy desserts, the Kalamansi muffin will be on top of your must-try list. The zesty flavor of Kalamansi meets the sweet, slightly fruity taste of honey for a perfectly balanced pastry that you'll want to pair with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

Kalamansi Muffin
Photo by Instagram/thecookupstudio_mnl

You can order The Cook Up Studio's Pinoy Klasik muffins by sending a message to their Instagram page. You can get a box of four for P275 or a box of six for P380. Feel free to mix and match the flavors to your heart's desire!



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