Low-Fat Fun Desserts? The Dessert Kitchen Has Them!

Indulging in desserts just got sweeter.


The Dessert Kitchen eases up on the sugar and the fat

Dessert just got a little sweeter! The Dessert Kitchen, at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell, Makati is made for people who love all things sweet, decadent, and delicious without having to worry about too much sugar, fat, and piling on the pounds (their desserts have less sugar and fat than the average sweet treat).



Their signature dessert, Purple in Love

A quick look at the extensive menu makes deciding on the day’s dessert fun and dizzying: it lists classic and quirky dessert options such as pretty parfaits, dessert combos, puddings, and Taiwan-style shaved ice concoctions made with Asian ingredients such as matcha and seaweed balls. Their signature dessert, Purple in Love, was recognized by the Hong Kong Grand Cuisine Awards in 2009 and rightly so. It’s a delicious bowl with fresh grapes, rice balls, taro mochi ice cream, and Kyoho grape seaweed balls that resemble fish roe and provide a pop of subtle salty flavors to the dessert.

Joy of Party sundae with cranberry rum ice cream, grape seaweed balls, and vanilla ice cream

Their ice cream game is on point, too: it’s made in-house with fresh and natural ingredients and has flavors such as Japanese Kyoho grape, Valrhona chocolate, durian coffee, and the alcohol-infused cranberry rum. Savory options are on the list, too: think Hong Kong-style waffles and Japadogs.  


The Manila outpost is the newest one in Asia but this Hong Kong dessert place has also opened branches in China and New York. The Dessert Kitchen opens February 4.

Photos by Trixie Zabal-Mendoza and from The Dessert Kitchen website

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