The iPhone 6 Lets You Pay Your Bills at Restos, A Meatloaf Bakery + More Food News

Plus, Ippudo is now open in Manila!


Pay your restaurant bills with your phone? Why not!


Apple just unveiled their biggest iPhones to date and one of the announcements include Apple's new mobile payment system dubbed Apple Pay. According to, OpenTable has integrated its software with Apple Pay: “OpenTable app users will be able to pay the check with one touch—as long as they're using an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.”


According to an report from the big Apple launch, Apple Pay works by loading your existing credit card details used for iTunes or it scan for a new credit card: “Apple Pay will be included in an iOS 8 update next month, and will work at chains including Whole Foods, Target, McDonald's, Subway, and Duane Reade.”  


We hope this will be available in other parts of the world, too!



Would you go to a Meatloaf Bakery?


There is such a place! According to the Huffington Post, the Meatloaf Bakery sells meatloaf shaped like cupcakes and has mashed potatoes as frosting. Yay or nay?




Ippudo is Now Open in the Philippines


Ippudo, the famous ramen restaurant with branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York, is now open in Manila. Located at the 3rd floor of the SM Mega Fashion Hall in Megamall, Ippudo will be serving three kinds of ramen: Shiromaru Motoaji, Akamura Shinaji, and Karaka-Men.


Photos from (iPhone 6); Yummy Instagram account (Ippudo)

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