We Found HawHaw, Peter's Butter Ball, and Choc Nut-Flavored Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee + candies from your childhood!

IMAGE The Lost Bread

The Lost Bread has always been known for churning creative ice cream flavors. Remember when the brand collaborated with Ate Rica's Bacsilog and launched Ate Rica's Cheese Sauce and Ate Rica's Cheesy Bacon flavors? But did you know they have exciting coffee options, too? The Lost Bread has bottles of cold brew flavors inspired by popular candies from the '90s! 

Photo by The Lost Bread

For mocha drinkers, there's the Chocnut Cold Brew Mocha (P160) that's made with a 24-hour cold brew mocha, Choc Nut candy, and fresh milk. If you like your coffee on the milkier side, there's the HawHaw Milk Cold Brew Latte (P160) which is made with 24-hour cold brew, HawHaw milk candy, and fresh milk.

Photo by The Lost Bread
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The Lost Bread's Butter Ball Caramel Latte (P160) uses a 24-hour cold brew, Peter's Butter Ball candy, and fresh milk-this is perfect if you prefer your coffee sweet! You can also appreciate the 24-hour cold brew base these drinks use without the added sugar since The Lost Bread is also offering the Original Cold Brew Coffee (P140).

Curious to try these cold brew flavors? You can order The Lost Bread's bottles of cold brew coffee via their website.


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