OMG, The Lost Bread's New Ice Cream Tastes Like Mug Root Beer!

Love root beer float? This one's for you.

IMAGE The Lost Bread

If you love root beer floats, you know that satisfying slurp with vanilla ice cream melding with fizzy root beer, creating a foamy, bubbly, and doubly-refreshing icy beverage. Another way you can enjoy this root-beer-and-ice-cream combo is with The Lost Bread's new Mug Root Beer Float Soft-Serve.

If you love root beer float, you should try The Lost Bread's Mug Root Beer Float Soft-Serve!
Photo by The Lost Bread

The Lost Bread collaborated closely with Pepsi Cola Philippines Inc. to make the perfect root beer float soft serve there is. They mixed The Lost Bread's signature milky soft-serve ice cream with Mug Root Beer. It's even served with chocolate syrup.

Each cup or cone will cost P95 each but you can also add different toppings from their craft-your-own soft-serve bar for an additional cost. The Lost Bread's new Mug Root Beer Float Soft Serve is available starting February 18, 2020, at all their branches for a limited time only.

For more information, follow The Lost Bread on Facebook and Instagram.

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