'90s Kids, Are You Ready For Butter Ball-Flavored Soft Serve?

Top it with chocolate caramel popcorn!

Peter's Butter Balls will always have a special place in every '90s kids heart who grew up spending loose change to buy a handful of these butterscotch candies. The Lost Bread takes us on another trip down memory lane, after their HawHaw and Chocnut ice cream, with a creamy soft serve with Peter's Butter Ball flavors. 

You can have it in a cup or cone!
Photo by The Lost Bread

The Lost Bread's Butter Ball Soft-Serve is the new and limited-edition flavor that will soon be available on the menu. It's just as sweet, buttery, and caramel-y as the hard candy itself, and it's because The Lost Bread collaborated with the makers of Peter's Butter Ball Candy itself.

You can have your Butter Ball Soft Serve in a cup or cone for P95. Like The Lost Bread's other soft serves, the Butter Ball Soft Serve can be topped with other nummies such as milk, cookies, chocolate granola, and chocolate caramel popcorn. Go wild with your toppings if you must!

Excited? The Butter Ball Soft-Serve will be available in all The Lost Bread branches starting October 15, 2019.

For more information, follow The Lost Bread on Facebook and Instagram.

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