You’ll Want To Try This Blue Vanilla Soft-Serve Ice Cream!

Have you had pastel blue ice cream before?

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to bite the clouds in the sky? Is it as fluffy as cotton balls or as sweet as cotton candy? We found that the closest thing we can get to something as soft and sweet is soft-serve ice cream.

If you want to feel like you’re floating on cloud nine—or in this case, eating it, The Lost Bread just launched their first soft-serve ice cream bar! Yes, they’re mostly known for their over-the-top French toasts cubes and their ‘grammable milkshakes, but their soft-serve is just as extra! The soft-serve only comes in a Blue Vanilla flavor. What makes the usual vanilla ice cream turn blue is an Italian gelato that they mix with their own soft-serve base which gives it a distinct flavor. It makes for great photos, too. 



This is a combination of the Blue Vanilla soft-serve with the Milk & Cookies and the Godzilla Charred Marshmallow Nummies, drizzled with the Filthy Rich Caramel sauce!


But if you think crafting your own ice cream is easy, then you haven’t seen the wide selection of delicious toppings from The Lost Bread’s ice cream bar.

To craft your own soft-serve at The Lost Bread’s ice cream bar, you first have to choose between having it in a chocolate cookie cone (P110) or a cup (P180). For those who love the crunch of an ice cream cone—you get to pick one from their selection of Nummies (toppings) and one drizzle. You can even upgrade this to a cotton candy cone for P20! While for those who opt for a no-fuss cup, you can choose between Golden Graham (crushed graham crackers) or Muddy Oreos (crushed Oreo cookies) for your finely crushed crust, add two Nummies, and one drizzle.



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The Lost Bread also has pre-made smoking sub-zero soft-serve available in their menu, namely the Chocolate Breakfast Club, Choco Caramel Movie Snack, Summer Camp S’mores, and the Strawberry Tropical Crunch!

You can top your soft-serve with their devilishly good Sweet Nummies. They have the nostalgic 90’s Kids Mix which consists of the iced gems, sprinkles, and mini marshmallows, Godzilla Charred Mallow which is a torched giant marshmallow—it’s as big as a toddler’s fist!


Fun Fair Popcorn has caramel and chocolate popcorn, Pride Hoops with their rainbow-colored fruity cereal loops, and the classic Milk and Cookies which has chocolate chip cookies and milk buttons. But if you want healthier toppings, they also have Healthy Nummies. You can choose from Honeybee Wheat Puffs, Pan Roasted Peanuts, Nutty Vegan or the Early Breakfast Muesli.

And if you aren’t afraid of needles, you would surely ask for more of these shots! The drizzles for The Lost Bread’s soft-serve comes in small syringes which lets you inject how much of the sweet syrup you want to put on your soft-serve. They have the Liquid Cinnamon Buns which consists of brown sugar cinnamon syrup, Staple Morning Maple which is a simple maple syrup, Better Chocolate Than Never for milk chocolate-lovers, and their bestseller milky caramel sauce, the Filthy Rich Caramel.


And the last step is the easiest: enjoy your soft-serve ice cream!

These are only available at The Lost Bread Greenbelt 4 branch.
For more information, follow The Lost Bread on Instagram.





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