This Dark Chocolate Cookie Is a Must-Try for Chocoholics

It's available starting August 28.

IMAGE The Mess Hall

Can you really call yourself a true cookie fiend if you haven't had The Mess Hall's cookies? The resident cafeteria of The Moment Group boasts what we can confidently say are some of Manila's best cookies and the best part is they're way bigger than your palm so you can, hypothetically, split one with someone (though you might find it difficult to be generous after a bite).


The Mess Hall has four equally scrumptious flavors: Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie (P110), White Chocolate Walnut Cookie (P130), Nutella Crinkle (P130), and Dark Chocolate Macadamia (P140). Starting today, August 28, they've added another one that's sure to make any chocoholic's heart leap with joy: The Cotobato Dark Chocolate Cookie (P120).



This delectably chewy cookie with a nice toasted crust starts with a dark-chocolate base with lots of gooey chocolate chunks inside. The Mess Hall uses 60% dark chocolate from South Cotobato, which is bittersweet with fruity notes. Safe to say that this isn't your regular chocolate cookie and that you might end up craving more than a piece (though finishing more than one of these hefty babies is sure to be a challenge).


The Mess Hall is at The Moplex, 2316 Karrivin Plaza, Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati City. For reservations, contact 869-9284.



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