This Online Shop Will Deliver Veggies Anywhere In The Metro

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This online shop that delivers fresh vegetables and fruits at affordable prices will soon be your go-to online store! 

Whether you're a busy and harassed mom with little time on her hands or a millennial who doesn't know how to choose the freshest spuds from the mountain of potatoes in the supermarket, The Murang Gulay Shop makes having the best produce easy and convenient. 

Murang Gulay Shop is an online shop with a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, from delicate leafy greens and broccoli to singkamas and mangosteens, which the shop posts regularly with a price list so you're always aware of what is in season and available. Best of all, they deliver! 


What makes this shop a truly convenient delivery service is their commitment to delivering their produce anywhere in the Metro. Despite being located in Marikina, they have delivered as far south as Paranaque and Alabang in the south and recently offered deliveries in Bulacan, too, with meet-ups in convenient areas. They're currently looking for partners to help them deliver in other areas, too, according to a post. 

If and when you're ready to shop at The Murang Gulay Shop, here's all you need to know to get this delivery service started:

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1 Choose your gulay then make a list.  

You'll need to visit their online shop to check which fruits and vegetables are available for delivery. Their "menu" of gulay are posted regularly, complete with a price list so you know exactly what you're ordering and how much your order will cost. 

2 Make your order. 

Orders are taken on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while the actual delivery service happens starting 2:00 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. To order, send them a message and send your name, address and contact information together with your order. 

While they do not have a minimum order, they do require at least 1/2 kilo order for small-sized produce (think calamansi and garlic) and 1 kilo for larger-sized produce (potatoes, camote). They also have a delivery charge according to where you're located but you may also book your own rider to pick up your order. 


3 Pay for your order. 

The Murang Gulay Shop has three modes of payment: cash on delivery (COD), via bank transfer through BPI, or via GCASH. 

4 Wait for your order to be delivered. 

The delivery times start at 2 p.m., but it is noted that while it starts at this time, traffic and other instances may delay the delivery. This is why the shop does not accept rush orders. 

Take charge of your grocery shopping, and let delivery services take the load off your shoulders for purchases you make regularly.  

Visit The Murang Gulay Shop on Facebook for their weekly list of available fruits and vegetables and their prices list, or call (0905) 969-1837 for faster transactions. 

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