The Poke Bowl Is the Next Big Food Trend You Have to Try

Dig into the world of poke as we bring you fast facts on this exciting new trend!

Poke is a Hawaiian dish of sliced raw fish, usually ahi tuna, marinated in soy sauce and sesame oil, served over soft rice, and topped with seaweed and Hawaiian kukui nuts. In essence, poke is deconstructed sushi in a bowl-it's no wonder that this dish has been dubbed as the next big thing in casual dining. Here's what you should know about this food trend:


It's pronounced as "poh-kay."
Hawaiians are very particular about the pronunciation of this native dish that they hold very close to their hearts. The word itself simply means "to cut or slice."


Haven't you heard? Bowls are the new plates.
The Wall Street Journal has been keeping tabs on several food trends-and bowls are taking over our kitchen tables! From smoothies, to salads, to saucy rice dishes, food fans have been growing fond of chowing down on their meals from single-serving bowls.


Move aside, Chipotle!
Poke bowls have been making a lot of noise in Los Angeles and New York City. The dish is easy to eat, healthy, Instagram-worthy, and absolutely delicious! The poke bowl trend is expected to latch onto its newfound popularity and is the presumptive next food giant in casual dining.



Poke is a versatile dish.
While the classic poke is on a drool-worthy level of delicious, it's easy to experiment with different kinds of fish, marinades, toppings, and textures. One thing must remain constant, though: good-quality and fresh fish.


You can get poke bowls in Manila!
Check out Ahi Hawaii in Maginhawa, Sushi Ninja in Alabang, Sprout in Makati, and Akira in Ortigas.


Main photo from Ahi Hawaii.

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