Here’s the Tea Behind Milksha and Its Authentic Taiwanese Brew

Milksha is taking Pinoy milk tea on a flavor adventure to the heart of Taiwan.

Throughout the years, a vibrant tea culture has been deeply steeped in the history of Taiwan. Known as a country renowned for producing high-quality tea leaves, Taiwan’s tea heritage goes back centuries with a profound respect for craftsmanship and a meticulous approach to tea-making techniques.

Originating from the busy streets of Taiwan, Milksha has carved a niche in the milk tea world thanks to its commitment to authenticity and the rich heritage of Taiwanese tea culture. First established in 2008, Milksha has expanded locally and internationally, winning the hearts and taste buds of milk tea lovers worldwide thanks to its range of drinks featuring an authentic tea taste, balanced creaminess, and simply delicious flavor compositions.

Read on to discover how Milksha’s roots have leveled up the milk tea experience:

A rich history in milk

Milksha was founded by Mr. Kevin Lin, a dairy farmer with knowledge spanning generations of caring for cattle. He knew that the secret for cows to produce sweet, smooth, and great-tasting milk lies in providing them with top-quality natural fodder.

By combining fresh milk with natural ingredients free of artificial additives, Mr. Lin created countless cups of delicious and healthy handmade beverages that showcase the goodness of nature in each sip.

In keeping with Mr. Lin’s commitment to delivering fresh, natural, and delicious beverages, Milksha in the Philippines keeps the same high standards to deliver Pinoy milk tea lovers a leveled-up milk tea experience.


Embracing authenticity

One of the cornerstones of Milksha’s philosophy lies in honoring authenticity. The brand diligently sources its tea leaves from reputable tea farms, ensuring only the finest ingredients find their way into each cup.

Exquisite craftsmanship

The art of tea-making is a revered craft in Taiwan. Milksha stays true to the craft by holding preparation in high regard. From hand-selecting tea leaves to the precise brewing process, each step is executed with acute attention to detail to draw out the distinct aromas and flavor profiles that define Taiwanese milk tea.

This dedication to tea-making is shared by Milksha in the Philippines. From the brewing of the tea to how drinks are served, every step shows utmost dedication to the craft – ensuring Pinoys enjoy the distinct flavor profiles of Milksha’s drinks at their best and freshest.

Innovation meets tradition

While rooted in traditions, Milksha also allows for creativity to come through. Case in point: Milksha’s Honey Pearl Black Tea Latte. The brand’s signature honey pearls complement the invigorating floral aroma and bold, earthy flavors of Milksha’s premium black tea blend. The result? With each sip, the sweetness of honey-soaked pearls strikes a delicious contrast with black tea’s brisk, smokey flavor profile. These nuances are all tied together with a smooth helping of fresh milk.

If you’re craving an authentic milk tea experience, taste the Milksha difference by ordering at select Chowking branches today. Milksha is also available for delivery through online platforms such as Grab and foodpanda.

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