Belgian Tableya Is The Newest Chocolate In Town!

Time to make hot chocolate!

IMAGE Bea Faicol

If you love dark chocolate and the deep, bold notes of local tablea, here's a new chocolate to try. Meet Theo And Brom, a brand of artisanal chocolate and the world's first Belgian Tableya. It's called Belgian Tableya because it combines the best of each owner's hometown. The married couple who owns Theo And Brom are Marielle Flores, who's from the Philippines, a land fertile with cacao; and her partner, Matthias Moens from Belgium, home to chocolatiers and chocolate makers.

Look at how gorgeous and chic the packaging is!
Photo by Bea Faicol
Melt the tablea in a pot of hot milk to make delicious hot chocolate!
Photo by Bea Faicol

But what is Belgian Tableya? This chocolate is made with fine cacao beans from Single-Estate De La Serna Beans from Davao, muscovado sugar, and cacao butter. Theo and Brom's Belgian Tableya are molded into a hockey pock-like shape with indentations that will guide you where to slice it. You can consume the Belgian Tableya as is, or you can also melt it in a pan filled with milk to make frothy hot chocolate!


Pre-order Theo And Brom's Belgian Tableya classic box (P2,100; 4 rounds of tablea) or Belgian Tableya Rolls (P849) at Theo And Brom's official website. For more information, follow Theo And Brom's official Facebook and Instagram.


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