These Food Bouquets Will Make Anyone Fall in Love with You

There is no better way to celebrate love than with food.

We have found the answer to your unrequited love dilemma: food bouquets! Is there anyone out there who would turn down a bouquet of golden chicken nuggets (genius) or delicate roses of bacon? Here are a few ideas to order one for someone who will truly appreciate it, or to D-I-Y your own food bouquet!


1  Bacon Bouquets

Bacon roses, in all its crunchy, salty, savory glory, is the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat for the real food lover. The Lazy Bastard is currently taking orders—but hurry, only for a limited time! A half dozen costs Php 1,500 while a dozen costs Php 2,200. Visit their main Facebook page for more information.


2  Fruit Bouquets

Is your Valentine health-conscious? Skip the candy—you can give a fruit bouquet instead. Fruits in Bloom offers fruit bouquets in different styles and sizes, costing around Php 750 and up.

You can order through their website here.


3  Chocolate Bouquets

Valentine’s wouldn’t be complete without a classic chocolate overdose. When it comes to chocolate, always overdo it. For example: 24 Ferrero Rocher chocolates snugly-nestled into one bouquet!

Raphael’s Gifts does deliveries within Metro Manila.


4  Cake Pop Bouquets

Looking to make your own food bouquet from scratch? This hack, which uses mini doughnuts to make cake pops, is the way to go! Wrap it up with ribbon and throw on extra sprinkles to make it special.


5  Chicken Nugget Bouquets

Nothing says true love more than crunchy, golden brown chicken nuggets stacked on barbecue sticks, right?


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