These Iconic Food Carts Bring Filipino Street Food To NYC

These karitons are introducing Pinoy street food in the US.

From balut and binatog to fishballs and isaw, So Sarap NYC seeks to bring back the childhood memories of immigrant Filipinos and introduce the Americans to street food, Filipino-style. VJ Navarro and Sebastien Shan came up with the idea during the height of the pandemic in 2020.   

They started with isaw, taho and balut. So Sarap now offers eight (8) different kinds of Filipino street food that are common along local streets but not so much the streets of New York. These are the different kinds of street food in their carts:

  • • fishballs, kikiam, and kwek-kwek
  • taho with sago pearls and arnibal 
  • • pork and chicken isaw and other Pinoy barbecue
  • balut, penoy, and chicharon
  • • ice candy
  • binatog 
  • manga bagoong
  • sorbetes 

Each vendor is equipped with handmade karitons and brought the baskets, containers, and even cooking vessels to cook and sell the local street food as if they were here! 

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