Mister Delicious' Ready-to-Eat Meals Are Perfect For Busy People

You can have these hearty meals within ten minutes.

When mornings and meal prep get a little overwhelming, Mister Delicious offers more than a helping hand. From an hour's worth of preparation and cooking, Mister Delicious makes hearty breakfast and baon-preparations more convenient and quicker-you can have a meal, all within ten minutes.

They offer slow cooked real food-from slow cured and slow smoked meats to slow-cooked ready-to-eat food made from fresh ingredients. Most of their packaged meals can either be boiled or microwaved for approximately ten minutes.



When rainy days seem to make mornings a little slower than usual, they offer Filipino comfort food, like the 3 Ginger Tinola (P300). The distinct aroma of this dish comes from the three gingers: fresh ginger, turmeric, and galangal.


If you have never dreamed of bacon and adobo together, Mister Delicious' Bacon Adobo (P300) will. The combination already sounds perfect as it is, but they take it to another level by using Mister Delicious' Applewood Smoked Bacon. You can add slices of fresh tomatoes, fried garlic, and serve it with steamed rice.



When you don't have more than 30 minutes to spare to cook your favorite caldereta recipe, their Beef Brisket Caldereta (P350) is the way to go. They use 100% beef brisket simmered in beef stock with a small amount of liver. To complete this dish, the packaged meal already includes potatoes and vegetables.



They also have other dishes like the Bacon Pumpkin Soup (P180), Chicken and Chorizo Paella (P300), Malunggay Hummus (P180), and Pastrami Bolognese (P250). 



Mister Delicious is located at 215 Salcedo St., Renaissance Building, 2nd floor, unit 201 1201 Makati City, Philippines. For delivery, you can contact them through this number: 09479903747. For more information, visit Mister Delicious official website.

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