This Drink Will Remind You of Summer All Year Long

If summer were a drink, this would be it.


Refreshing, sweet, and tangy just the way we like it, this drink is perfect for long, lazy afternoons. 

Serves 4

For the strawberry mixture:
1 cup water
1 cup sugar  
2 cups fresh strawberries,
      ashed and hulled
1 liter calamansi juice
      using calamansi concentrate

strawberry ice cubes

Make the strawberry mixture: Heat water and sugar over medium heat until sugar has dissolved. Add strawberries. Cook for 2  to 3 minutes or until strawberries are slightly tender.

In a blender, purée strawberry mixture until smooth. Let cool then pour into ice cube  trays and freeze overnight.

3  Prepare calamansi juice using calamansi concentrate. Serve calamansi juice with strawberry ice cubes.

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