This Panaderia’s Crinkles + Doughnuts Will Make Your Inner Child Smile

The nostalgic tastes and textures of your neighborhood bakery's crinkles, donuts and pandesal just got 'gram friendly.

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Across Café Dominique's wall in white large font reads: WHERE FOOD MEETS HAPPINESS. It's a mantra that friends and owners Caryl Galang, Duchay Tolentino and Kathleen Garcia did not lose sight of when they set out their newest adventure. Dominique's Bakehouse is a small, picturesque extension of their cozy café that they just opened last May 21. With the help of Chef Marlon Dazo, they're off to recreate your childhood favorite pastries in a picture-perfect package.



The small bakehouse is all about good vibes-find your neighborhood panaderia favorites here. 


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"There aren't a lot of bakeries in this area," shares partner Duchay Tolentino. 


The neighborhood's need for good pandesal was so great that it was actually what spurred the friends to open a bakery. Now, they bake them every morning to serve you the freshest.



Their hopia is the surprising runaway bestseller, so far.  


Savory, a touch sweet, and with a thin flaky crust, their hopia baboy is a customer favorite thanks to word of mouth.




Filled doughnuts are also part of the panaderia fare. 


If you have a sweet tooth and you're missing those classic bakery-style doughnuts, look no further. Homey, handmade, all pretty and super affordable, their doughnuts can easily be pasalubong fare. They are currently offering Glamour Glaze, Tiramisu, Sprinkle it with Love, Bavarian, Berry Good, and Cup o Cino.


"Masaya siya kasi ang sarap [kainin]," architect and part-time doughnut-maker Duchay Tolentino said. She didn't expect to be this hands-on, learning alongside their bakers doing back-breaking work kneading and pressing dough. Still, she's found her hard work rewarding with every bite. In a nutshell, that's what their little bakery is all about: handmade, fresh and made to make their neighborhood happy.



The crinkles are chewy, fudgy, and has the right amount of sweetness. 


Our personal favorite however, the one we think they got perfectly are the Crinkles! Chewy, fudgy, and just the right amount of sweetness-every bite's a delight, you won't be able to stop at one piece. 


Away from the over-commercialized and pre-mixed pastries, Dominique's Bakehouse brings you back to the simpler times: to childhood mornings with a cup of coffee and pandesal, then finding those little surprises-the crinkles and doughnuts, those little bits of happiness for your day ahead.


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You can find Dominique's Bakehouse at 42 Examiner St. West Triangle, Quezon City, open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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