This Soft Serve Is Made With HawHaw Candy!

Tastes like childhood.

This year, there has been a resurgence of '90s candies reinvented into different desserts. We were graced with White Rabbit-flavored soft serve and Choc Nut spread. The recent addition to this sweet trip down memory lane is HawHaw-flavored soft serve from The Lost Bread!

Are you a fan of this milky candy?
Photo by The Lost Bread

For the younger ones who don't know whataren't familiar with this nostalgic candy, HawHaw is a sweet milk candy with a chalk-like texture, wrapped in its distinctive white and mint green packaging. '90s kids who grew up with HawHaw will enjoy The Lost Bread's new soft serve which tastes like the sweet and milky Pinoy candy. 

You can have The Lost Bread's HawHaw Soft in cones or cups!
Photo by The Lost Bread

The Lost Bread's HawHaw soft serve (P95) is available in a cup or a cone. You can go wild and add different toppings from The Lost Bread's craft-your-own-soft-serve bar. They have milk and cookies, chocolate granola, and choco-caramel popcorn, just to name a few.

The Lost Bread's HawHaw-flavored soft serve is only available at The Lost Bread's SM North EDSA, SM Megamall, and Streat Maginhawa branches. Don't worry, this will soon be available in all The Lost Bread branches by August 13. 

For more information, follow The Lost Bread on Facebook and Instagram.

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