#ThrowbackThursday: How Much Were Your Favorite Comfort Food 5 Years Ago?

IMAGE Starbucks website, Potato Corner website

The continuous price hikes just this year have left us reminiscing about the yesteryears when everything was more affordable. From basic necessities to our indulgences, everything has become more expensive that #TreatYourself days don't happen as often.

For the sake of reminiscing "the good old days" when your peso had more buying power, we've listed a bunch of crowd-favorite eats and their prices when it was launched five years ago and their current prices now. You'd be surprised what a difference five years can do, especially when the pandemic hit.

Here are some fan favorites then and now:  

Photo by Starbucks Philippines

Starbucks: Caramel Macchiato

March 2018: P155/tall, P170/grande, P185/venti

October 2022: P175/tall, P190/grande, PP205/venti

Price difference: P20

Just in case you missed it, Starbucks recently imposed a P5-price increase for all their beverages this year, and that includes the hot or iced Caramel Macchiato. The good news is that you can offset this increase if you bring your own cup or tumbler. 

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McDonald's: Cheesy Eggdesal

July 2018: P39/solo

October 2022: P64/solo

Price difference: P25

One of our favorite quick-breakfast fixes if we're in a rush is McDonald's Cheesy Eggdesal! Back in 2018, a Cheesy Eggdesal solo only costs P39 but the current price reflects a P25-price increase. McDonald's Cheesy Eggdesal solo, as of writing, now costs P64.


Jollibee: Chickenjoy

January 2018: P75/solo

October 2022: P82/solo

Price difference: P7

According to a Jollibee TVC that dates back to 2018, a Chickenjoy solo rice meal (1-piece Chickenjoy, rice, and gravy) costs P75. If you try to order the Chickenjoy solo now, via the Jollibee delivery website, it now costs P82.


Chowking: Asado Siopao

July 2018: P39/piece

October 2022: P48/piece

Price difference: P9

According to a photo posted on their Facebook page, Chowking's Asado Siopao, which was part of their Chowking Savers, cost P39 a piece back in 2018. The Chao Fan cost P49 and the Mami cost P59. If you try to order through the Chowking delivery website, the Asado Siopao costs P48, an ala carte Chao Fan costs P52, and the Mami


*Zoom in for the price of the Tera fries back in 2018

Potato Corner: Tera Fries

May 2018: P210/Tera Fries (choose up to two flavors)

October 2022: P245/Tera Fries (choose up to three flavors)

Price difference: P35

Potato Corner's Tera Fries, the largest size available at Potato Corner is also the most expensive fries option on the menu. Back in 2018, a photo of the Potato Corner menu shows that the Tera Fries used to cost P210, but now it costs P245. 

Photo by courtesy of Serenitea

Serenitea: Brown Sugar Taho

September 2018: P150/Large

October 2022: P150/Large

Price difference: P0, but will soon have a price increase 

Surprisingly, Serenitea's Brown Sugar Taho's price did not increase since it was first launched back in 2018, right during the time when brown sugar was the trend. It was P150 then, and it's still P150 as of writing.

According to Serenitea, there will be a price increase soon. Starting October 29, Serenitea's Brown Sugar Taho will cost P170. Their other drinks will also be more expensive.


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